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Solar Powered Refrigerator

Using the Sun to Keep Things Cool

If you have a remote cabin or rural dwelling that you only visit periodically, a solar powered refrigerator may be just the thing for you. Solar powered refrigerators or solar powered fridges operate on 12 volts DC which is the same as a car battery. Your home refrigerator operates on 120 volts AC. Visit our other blog post for a good description of DC vs. AC. Click here to visit our Solar Powered Refrigerator Store.

Solar Powered Refrigerator Capacity

It comes as no surprise that these solar powered fridge is smaller than what you’re normally used to . A typical residential refrigerator is 18 cubic feet. These solar powered refrigerators range from 1.8 cubic feet to 8.0 cubic feet. Continue reading

Best Solar Backpack Reviews

Solar Backpacks Reviews – Back To School

The Back To School rush has started again. In looking around the internet, I noticed that now some solar backpacks are being offered. Basically, these backpacks have a flexible solar panel on the outside of the backpack which charges a battery. This battery/solar panel can then recharge portable devices. Big Disclaimer here – These are SMALL solar panels and battery packs on these solar panel backpacks. You won’t be able to recharge your laptop. These are designed to recharge your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, cell phone, or other small portable electronics. You’ll typically plug your device into the USB port on the battery pack to recharge. Read on for reviews of the solar backpacks we looked at. Continue reading