4 Benefits of Solar Panels

What are the benefits of solar panels on your home?

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can be a great investment that saves you considerable money, helps the environment and also increases the value of your home. Over the last few years the use of solar panels within residential and farming housing has grown enormously, and with good reason. Not only do you immediately save on your utilities bill, also in a lot of areas there are fantastic government rebates and incentives.

Benefit #1 of Solar Panels for Your Home - Tax Incentives

This is one of the best times to build a solar power installation in the United States. The 2008 Recovery Act has some fantastic tax incentives for solar and wind power. These incentives are in the form of a tax credit which is even better than a tax deduction. Read more about the Tax Credits here.

Benefit #2 of Solar Panels - Costs are dropping

Costs of the panels have dropped over the last few years, and for those willing to put in a bit of “do it yourself” effort, armed with the right know-how the costs are even lower, and the step to free energy from the sun has never been easier. It is now possible to build solar panel or panels and assemble your own array to make the entry cost very low. See our build-it-yourself series of articles here.

Benefit #3 of Solar Panels - Becoming Self Sufficient

If you have suffered through a rolling blackout in Texas or California, you know what it feels like to feel helpless. The nation's electricity grid is sometimes over-whelmed and therefore not everyone can be provided electricity. The power companies will shut down different sectors for 1-2 hours at a time. If you are producing electricity locally with solar, you can still power some of your more important applicances such as refrigerators, etc.

Benefit #4 of Solar Panels - Selling excess electricity

Not only can the energy you collect from the sun using your own solar panel array compete with the conventional grid utility power supply in terms of cost, in some cases you can even sell your excess generated solar electricity back to the grid – how is that for reversing the utility bill situation!

How Hard Is It To Get These Benefits?

If your home is located in the northern hemisphere, and you have a good south facing roof area that is not too overshadowed and gets reasonable sunlight through the day, you have a ready made spot to put your solar panel array. If you are in the southern hemisphere, take a look at your north facing roof area as a good location for the panels.

These days solar panels make a convincing argument to switch from coal burning conventional “unclean” energy sources to clean, abundant, cheap power right where it is needed – in the home. The benefits of solar panels for your home are numerous and we'll start to see more adoption of solar panels as time goes on.

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Chad Decker